Hello! My name is Annie Chan and I am a young artist and designer in Massachusetts. I am currently a Sophomore studying at Dover- Sherborn High school. I discovered my passion in creating art when I first picked up a crayon and started drawing everywhere in the house. I drew on walls cabinets, tables, drawers, toys . I found drawing as my way of expressing my thought and emotions. Later on, I signed up for an art class called Lisa G Bailey’s Developing Artists which, was located in Franklin, the town I used to live in. From then, I have been taking art classes once a week. I was also able to publish my work in the “Celebrating Arts” national contest that happens every year. I am glad to say that it will be my 12th time being published as well as my 6th time earning a High Merit Award this year. I mainly focus my media of art on painting with watercolors and acrylics.

It was up until middle school when started to grow interest in designing patterns and painting on apparels such as shoes. When I realized that my designs could follow up with the trends, I started my own business called “A.C. Designs”. My love for design later inspired me to join my school’s T shirt designing club which, I had to work with about 4-6 students to come up with a design that could represent our school and be worn to our school trip to Washington D.C.  I am so grateful for the opportunities given to me not only in school but also, outside of it. These opportunities have allowed me to reach my goals and learn to work with a team environment. I hope to continue to challenge my artistic skills and use my art pieces as a way to bring out the enlightenment and creativity in life.

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